Analytical readings

– focus on the analysis with the insight of intuitive creativity
– guiding time frame: 1/2 hour – 2 hours

Amazingly useful for individual, couple/group and family analysis

Reading I Two-way psychoanalysis, 800 kr
You talk, we listen to your words, that might be returned to you. We exchange inputs until your current or earlier intentions and motivations are able to be formulated in one or a few sentences to be used right now as impressions on your soul or in the long run.

Reading II with drawing Creative analysis, 600 kr
While you talk, Paint & Chat draws you on the spot and we analyse together the intuitively drawn impression on the paper. The Paint & Chat drawing becomes yours. 

Reading III Get your art-works analysed, 1200 kr.
Bring photos of your creative work or the originals. Together we study them in their entirety and individually. The visual expression, impression, and content are discussed. In cooperation we find your intentions and analyse your motivations. According to your wish, your creative level may also get a word along the way, but it has no importance to the ability of analysing the content of your works.

Paint & Chat is the place to look for our truths

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