Event for 2 or more

A visit at Paint & Chat is a surprising and fun experience for all creative souls at all levels. The ideal gift.

Various Creative Activities
Discover the ‘drawing package’, that makes space for free creative spontaneity or let yourself be guided through a creative topic or technique.

Analytical readings
Analysis with the insight of the intuitive creativity. You talk, we listen, you get answers !! We may draw you on the spot or you show a galleri of your works. Together we’ll find your intentions and motivations. Amazingly useful for individual, couple/group and family analysis.

See All Creative Activities
Have a look at all our creative activities and pick the one that best suits the occasion. If you prefer to select the activity beforehand, feel free to reach out to us for guidance.

Paint & Chat is the place to boost your passion for your own creativity and for the one of others

500 kr per person ▪︎ Other prices for analyses

We also have drinks and snacks, check out our café menu

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