a Painting Drawing AtelierCafé
in Copenhagen

Paint & Chat

“Paint & Chat” is a drawing/painting cafe and is as far as we know the only one of its kind. We are a family of creative people, and at Paint & Chat we share our passion in surroundings filled with lovely energy.

Join us and paint or draw and chat with your friends over a delicious cup of coffee… or create your own totally different birthday party or arrange for an extraordinary team-building…

Regardless of your creative experience, whether you want a fun activity or if you are organizing a special event, you will experience something that surprises you and excites you. At Paint & Chat you live an adventure, you express yourself, you find peace. There’s always something to express, to enjoy, to chat and to have an opinion about in our cosy and inspiring surroundings. Art is good for the soul. Come and experience it yourself.

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The painting café concept


Choose your material. Our materials are of best qualities.

Be creative and enjoy a cup of coffee or a cup of ginger thea.

Bring your work home and surprise your friends, your family.






Team Building ▪︎ Bachelor Party ▪︎ “After Work Fun” ▪︎ Event for 2
Family Party ▪︎ Brunch ▪︎ Girl’s fun ▪︎ Boys Outing ▪︎ Mother’s group ▪︎ Birthdays


Annual Art Courses & Workshops

For all creative enthusiasts of all ages at all levels
Young Talents ▪︎ Multicultural Expats ▪︎ Adults ▪︎ Children ▪︎ BabyJam also for Fathers ▪︎ Big and Smaller Artists

Form yourself a creative workshop or your annual art course. Gather a group, small or larger, and we have the basis for creating a course with suggestions within our offerings, – or we are working together to tailor exactly yours.

All materials are on site, of the best quality, and are included in your fees

Atelier børn/unge 1999
“Atelier” anno 1999 young people of 10-16 years+


said about Paint & Chat

“… A God damn good idea, A dreamland, How lovely, Zen, Harmoni, How cosy, Gosh, does such a place exist? Like being at home, Extra cool, Wow, there are still visible artists in Europe, Oh, it’s so green. Plants, Dear God, how delicious, It’s so cool to be here, Joy of creation, Feeling atmosphere, A beautiful place, Here, one can do the impossible, How nice it is, Lovely atmosphere, Oh God ! it’s so professional, We are selling THE peace of mind, It’s like a livingroom, Warmth, Great décor and welcoming, One feels like entering, Fuck, this is so nice !! Alternative living room, Personal, Exquisite place, It’s beautiful, I love every detail, Cozy, Fantastic, You are amazing, Overly cozy, It’s tremendously nice here, Does such a place exist anywhere else in the world ? I smelled art from far away, It’s oozing of charm, Ground-breaking, It’s an artist’s place, Different royalty, SO COOL, Zen, It seems to be a really nice place. Waw !! A peacemaker place, Ah, a sniffer !! Oil painting !! Stress relief, Cool energy, How nice with such a place, Art and Spirit, How different, Serious Art Factor, An areana of art, Meditativ, Unpredictable things can happen, Artistico-Cats, Zen cleaning atmosphere, One gets warm around the heart, Comme chez soi, Cozy cozy, Friendship, Cool talk…”

Contact us

  • mail@paintandchat.dk
  • +45 51 95 81 90 / + 45 40 37 22 37
  • H. C. Ørsteds Vej 58
  • Paint & Chat

Opening hours

Potentially open every day except Tuesdays from before noon to evening time until no one has a brush in hand. Just call, book or send mail before you come to be sure. For any creative soul we may also open very early in the morning. We are flexible.

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